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“I am Africa. This is my story…” In 2007 UNESCO Power of Peace Network funded Ning portal with a digital storytelling workshops. I built all aspects of this program include delivering the workshops in Lesotho and Zambia. Some workshops in vocations such a Nigeria and Camaroon were delivered by webinar.  Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. funds the hosting of this community for educational purposes.

We are currently seeking grants to complete phase two of this site for Somaliland and Somali journalists. The new system will be a collaborative “Country Learning System” based on the Global Learning Framework. It will be expanded to offer a comprehensive literacy programs that will also be available for small business and global schools. The intent is to link the top Somaliland and Somali Universities with US and global schools with journalism and business programs. Proposal can be viewed at

UNESCO Seeded “I am Africa. This is my story…” Digital Story telling portal and workshops

Objective: Empower African youth to tell their own story of life.
Technology: iPod, Canon Rebel, Blackberry, Ning, Youtube Photoshop Microsoft MovieMaker. PowerPoint and Word for curriculum.
Competencies: Ning community design/development YouTube Channel design/development, worship curriculum design/development, Adult Learning in workshop and community relationship building. Additional remote training countries such as Uganda and Nigeria via Blackboard.
Client: UNESCO Power of Peace Network, Lusaka High School, University of Lesotho along various other organizations.
Picture: Leadership meeting with Monka Lesotho on Community Learning Centers during UNESCO project

Developer Global Learning Framework