Community Learning Centers SDGs

The purpose of Somaliland Community Learning Centers in Partnership with Amoud University Somaliland.

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  • Business community secure compound for centralized rental training and rental offices
  • Full service location for business development with technology, Internet libraries, meeting space, and food service
  • ICT classroom and curriculum support of public, private k-12 and family school.
  • Safe place for Adult Learning programs and community development collaboration
  • Safe single location were all NGOs, govt. agencies and organizations can work collaboratively
  • A central way to handle country wide training programs with consistent quality
  • Import over 10,000 free educational web sites from around the world into a K-12 children’s library portal
  • Provide central logistical location for emergency services
  • Provide full UN Four Pillar Life Skills and community literacy education for free
  • Coordinate business development events and education

Developer Global Learning Framework