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“I am the story…”
Phase 2 Journalism Community Learning Sysytem is now open.

The upgrade system form the orginal UNESCO grant inlude eLearning and classroom material. This also incules a cyber community for students to have individual pages, blogs and groups to display their work.

Phase in July 2017 will a suite of journalism courses.

I am Africa, This is my Story…”
The original digital storytelling for African youth program was seed funded by UNESCO Power of Peace Network in 2010 under the name “I am Africa, This is my story…” This successful program site and YouTube Channel is currently being upgraded to include a new program for eReporter Journalism program based on UN Human Rights reporting with cell phones and free digital editing applications from Apple and Microsoft.

The new program is designed for any country.

The upgrade sit called “I am the Story…” is located at

Stories from the original 20011 UNESCO seed funded program:


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